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11 October 2009 @ 07:28 pm
A month and a half since I've updated this LJ. It's so dead. XD I'm just posting my old drawing, because I forgot to do so earlier. XD And this entry won't look that boring, LOL. I'll post more drawings later (YunJae 8D); my scanner is now refusing to cooperate. -_-

Yamapi ^_^ I had a dream about him last night... :> Yeah well, this is actually the first time I used coloured pencils (and enjoyed it a lot). XD Still, the drawing is far from being perfect, but if I practice I'll hopefully get better. ;)

I wanted to make a new layout for this LJ and already made the graphics, but I have problems with coding here, so the current layout will stay a little longer. XD

I wanna go to Arcana concert that will be held on 17th of October in Prague, but, for now, no one is interested in going with me. T_T And those friends who like Arcana don't have enough money or time. T_T

Oh, and the TV in my parents' room is broken, so they borrowed mine. -____-

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22 August 2009 @ 02:04 pm
I'm going to be absent from LJ (and DeviantArt too, actually) till the end of August. I need to study for my exam which is on September 2. ;_; I'll be a little busy, then. T_T

Btw, my first linearts, yay:

Hero Jaejoong Lineart     U-Know Yunho Lineart

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